2 Months Courses After Graduation || Learn Skill and Get Job After Graduation (2023)

Planning for the career and upcoming future, it is one of the most common habits among the students who are pursuing their graduation and trying their best. It is really important to plan because after planning for your future at least you know now that which way or decision of your life is going to help you in it.

Every graduate student has two basic paths to choose from: one is to study further and another is to work. But what when neither want to spend one more year for study nor want to work just after graduation.

Short term or 2-3 monthscourses are best for you. It will help you to gain some skills in very short period of time. With these, you can start to work and start practicing for everything you have learned in college. These courses also help in exploring the thing better.

Why To Choose 2 Months Short Term Course:

  • If you want to save time as well as gain knowledge with practical then these short-term courses are best.
  • These courses are specialized. Specially prepared for those who want a quick bite of knowledge.
  • Short-term courses are perfect for the industry required specialized learning. They will give you knowledge as per your industry or corporate sector needs.
  • The best method to be specialized in one subject and trained as per your working environment.
  • These short-term courses will help you to stand away from the crowd and present you as an asset for the company.
  • It will definitely help you to enhance your CV and your qualification prospects.

Syllabus Or Curriculum:

Short term courses whether for a month, 2 months or 6 months, all of these are specially designed as per the need of the corporate sector and the students. These courses mainly focus on practical knowledge and courses as per demand.

Some short term courses also provide internships, jobs and apprenticeship for the growth of the students.


Eligibility of the student differs as per selected course but mainly it is minimum 10+2 or some time graduation.

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Different 2 Months Short Term Courses After Graduation:

Data analysis-for the students who love to play with charts, diagrams or data, data analysis is the best option for them. For data analyst sector never matters. From the corporate sector to big or small manufacturing units every one of them needs an analyst to make their working fluent and easy.

Eligibility: Graduation

Duration: 2 months

Digital marketingnow day’s whole world is a digital world. In today’s life, you cannot separate people from social media. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc every one wants to stay connected and updated. Digital marketing is the new way of marketing for your products and services. It is the most demanded course these days. It is not only time saver but also very beneficial for the future.

Eligibility: Graduation

Duration: 2 months

Web designingweb designing is a short-term course for those who want to develop the skill of producing and maintaining websites. Here are the skills you will learn in web designing:-

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  • Graphic design
  • Web graphic design
  • User experience design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Interface designing, etc

Eligibility- graduation

Duration- 2 months

IOS development trainingit is a mobile operating system which is specially developed for apple manufacturing devices. IOS is basically used for phones, iPods, ipads, and apple TV.

IOS development traininghelps you to make softwares for apple mobile devices.

Eligibility- graduation

Duration- 2 months

PHP Development training

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Php developmentcourse helps in learning the coding and functioning of web applications. PHP development is high in demand web application used for development technology all over the world.

Php developmentis a script based training language, which is designed for website development.

Eligibility- graduation

Duration- 2 months

Android development training

In android development programme, new applications are created for android users. Android development users are developed in JAVA using android development kit.

Eligibility- graduation

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Duration- 2 months

Python Training

it is an general computer based language used for the testing of different mikcrochips, use for the powering of instagram, creating video games and pygames library.

Eligibility- graduation

Duration- 2 months

How To Select Short Term Course:

It is a difficult process. Every student want to invest his money in a course which perform a s an asset of their CV. Even a single wrong choice can affect your career. So it is very important to choose the course intelligently.

Here are some points you have to consider before choosing any short term course-

  1. If the course is beneficial for you sector or not.
  2. If the time period/duration is suitable or not.
  3. Choosing a verified institute which gives you the correct knowledge.

Why To Choose W3training School

When you think about an institute, gives the correct knowledge inappropriate time period and variety in short-term course.

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W3training school is a dedicated institute rated highest on Google i.e. 4.8/5. We also provide different training programmes from 6 weeks to 6 months.


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