6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (2023)

At my Millionaire Mind Intensive course, and in part of my bookSecrets of the Millionaire Mind, I teach a very effective money management method— designed specifically to get you to financial freedom.

It’s called the JARS money management system.

Basically, using this system, you split your money up into six different accounts, and you have percentages of your money to put into each account. You can use bank accounts or actual jars.

So what are these jars and what percentage of your income goes into them?

Let’s take a look…

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The 6-jars system is one of the many strategies I highlight in my free webinar, The Fastrack to Freedom.

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So why should you start doing the 6-JARS System?

Reason #1 — Because the habit is more important than the amount.

Right now you may be thinking, “I’m not earning a lot of money” or “my expenses are too high.”

Am I saying you have to put $1,000 into your accounts every day? No, I didn’t say that.

How come I’m not suggesting a specific amount but certain percentages? It’s so that every single person, regardless if they’re earning $100,000 a week or $1 dollar a week, can follow this money management system.

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Yes, if you are earning $1 dollar a week, you can do this system.

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, jump to theFrequently Asked Questions below, or leave a comment at the end of this article!

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Reason #2 — Because the fastest way to to do well with money is to manage your money well.

Here’s the thing…

The way the universe works is if you manage your money, you will get more of it.

If you mismanage your money, you will not get any more.

The fastest way to do well with money is to manage the money that you have well. Just show the universe you know how to manage $1. Then watch what happens in your life.


Decide right now: Are you going to get 6 jars and start managing your money today?

Declare your intentions to the universe that you are going to turn your finances around right now and let us know how it’s going.

Managing your money well is one of the key ways to truly becoming financially free. But there’s much more to learn…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What if my NECESSITIES is more than 55% of my income?

This is very common when first starting with the 6-Jar System. It’s important to understand that the percentages we give are recommendations and ultimately goals for you to get to… not definitive rules.

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We believe the habit of managing your money is far more important than the amount, so if you can’t follow the percentages to the tee, then take an amount you can manage and start there.

For example, $100 a month. Use the jars to split up that $100. Then the next month do $150 then the next month $200.

One time we had someone start with one freakin’ dollar! Guess what? She’s a multi-millionaire now.

Again, the habit is more important than the amount!

2. What do I do if I have a lot of debt to repay?

You still manage your money! You’d use your LTSS jar to pay down your debt. And always always, always pay the minimum.

Managing your money is a habit… and so is going into debt. It’s important to understand that if you pay down all your debt first before you are in the habit of managing your money, this most likely will result in a repeat of the debt pattern.

But if you can create a habit of managing your money first and then pay down your debt while managing your money, you’ll have a higher chance of staying out of debt in the future. Good or good?!

3. If I earn passive income, where should I be putting that?

If you want to become financially free quicker, you should keep your FFA jar money with your FFA jar.

That’s until you hit your financial freedom number and are ready to live fully off of the passive income. Find out how to calculate your financial freedom number here.

4. What about credit cards?

Credit cards are great to have AFTER you are in the habit of managing your money. If you’ve been a person who is constantly in credit card debt, you should NOT use a credit card.

If you pay your balance each month, well, then a credit card is a very useful tool to have, especially the ones with great rewards programs.

Again, only use this strategy if you pay your credit card in full in each month. Put everything on one credit card. Then when you receive each monthly statement, go through the transactions and with a pen, mark which jar each charge should be paid from.

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For example:

  • Water, gas, sewer charge (NEC)
  • Champagne to celebrate (PLAY)
  • Books / Online Courses (EDUCATION)

Add up those charges on a jar-by-jar basis, then simply transfer the amounts owed from each “jar” bank account into the account you pay your credit card with.

Still wondering how effective this system is?…

Here’s What My Students Are Saying About The 6-Jars Money Management System

“This jar system literally saved my life… I felt so in debt and wasn’t managing my money, I wanted to end my life. Setting up my jar system changed everything. A few months later I was able to buy an apartment!”— Melanie Roberge

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (3)

“It’s so good that my hubby and I became financially free from scratch in just 4 years using this system… You really changed our [lives] for the best.”— Maria Laura Viquez

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (4)

“Been doing this for over 10 years with our kids and now as teenagers, they are very disciplined with money. They spend and save with thought and respect for this tool. So grateful for Harv for this gift!”— Jennifer Pollock

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (5)

“Been using jars for over 5 years. Love them. Our net worth grows each year. So fun to count the FFA jar every New Year’s Day.”— Tom Price

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (6)

“Man this makes it so easy. Takes minute instead of hours and gives me the feeling like wow I can still have some fun. Amazing. Thanks.”— Steven Chambers

(Video) 6 Jars Money Management by T Harv Eker | Proud Sekyu

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (7)

“Just do it. The best money habit to have. Thanks again, Harv!”— David Edward Albanez

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (8)

“I only wish I had been exposed to this in my 20’s. So now I get to share with my kids… The best part is that they have the opportunity to truly live debt free.” — Rhonda

6 Jars Financial Management System | T. Harv Eker (9)

“I went from zero (yes, zero) savings to R$50K today (Brazilian reais) by applying your jar model… From zero I learned: how to be free… how to handle my income; how to share my income with the world.” — Marcos

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My friends, managing your money is one of the 8 essential elements you MUST have in place to become financially free. Want to learn the other 7 and get on the quickest and simplest path to freedom?

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Do you have other creative and effective ways to manage your money well? What’s worked for you? Leave a comment below.

For Your Freedom,

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