The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (2023)

If you’re not a fan of online music streaming or have an extensive offline music collection you want to enjoy instead, then you need a great music player. There are plenty of premium options to choose from, but also some fantastic free versions.


  • MusicBee
  • Foobar2000
  • MediaMonkey
  • Aimp
  • Dopamine
  • Groove Music
  • VLC
  • Spotify

These are our favorite free music players for Windows PCs.


The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (1)

MusicBee is our top choice and an excellent pick for those who have huge collections of tunes that need to be organized. It can import your existing iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries and lets you tag each file as you see fit. The program’s Auto DJ feature lets you sync with and will play similar artists or genres based on what you play. You can also set up MusicBee to organize your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and radio stations.


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With its 10- to 15-band equalizer options, cross-fade function, and gapless playback options, audio tweaks are plentiful with MusicBee. It even packs somevisual flair in the form of a five-band spectrum visualizer that matches up with the tracks you’re playing. Plug-ins are available for added customization.

The latest sync support between mobile devices is handy, and the ability to change theme colors is an unexpected bonus. MusicBee even supports up to 5.1 surround sound if you have an array of speakers and want the best result possible.


Foobar2000 has a remarkable underdog story. An open-source music player project, it has managed to persist for years and remains not only usable but one of the best free music players for Windows 10 on the scene.

Don’t let the basic interface fool you into thinking this isn’t worth your time. You can customize its look however you want, and play anything from MP3s and WMA to Musepack, Speex, and even rarer formats with the right plug-ins. There are also extensive tagging abilities and full support for keyboard shortcuts, which makes Foobar2000 a great piece of software for managing more complex lists of audio files.

The program also includes options for gapless playback, ReplayGain, and ripping audio and converting it. Plus, all components and download options are easily available on the site, and the software continues to be updated to this day.


The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (3)

MediaMonkey is similar to MusicBee and boasts many of the same features. Though it lacks synchronization, MediaMonkey is compatible with podcasts and audiobooks and can be set up to download your favorite podcasts for you.

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It supports a whopping 100,000 file and playlist types, while also making it easy to tag and organize your files. The software is also prettysmart. It automatically identifies tracks, syncs, or fixes tags, and it also looks up related information, which is all great for getting an old collection of music back in order.

We’re impressed by the playlist tools, which makes playlists easy to create or automatically spawn via Auto DJ. The syncing and recording capabilities are great for amateur musiciansas well. When you consider party mode, the visualizer, and the exported audio file reports, it’s hard to see why you would pay for a music manager when MediaMonkey exists.


The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (4)

Aimp’s continuous updates have yielded an impressive, clean interface for music lovers who prefer to get down to business. In addition to support for an array of formats (including DirectSound and SIO for output), the software also includes internet radio support, a sound engine with an 18-band equalizer, and smart playlist capabilities.

Need to convert audio? No problem — Aimp can handle that too, as well as provide editing options for all your audio tags and scheduling options for setting timers or shutdown times if you like mixing music and sleep. There are also a number of notable UI options, including options to customize your own 4K skin.


The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (5)

Dopamine is an extra-simple music player that is built to be easy to use. The download is fast, setup is painless, and updates are all automatic. Just tell Dopamine where your music is and the app will take care of the rest. The interface is incredibly basic and intuitive, with large titles and obvious controls. You can also change the theme shade to whatever color makes it easiest for you to see songs at a glance. The default dark mode does a great job of this if you aren’t sure what to choose. All the simplicity is great, but keep in mind that Dopamine can’t do much with metadata or find missing artwork, so it works best with more complete collections.

Groove Music

The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (6)

Groove Music had a rocky launch as a rather halfhearted attempt at replacing the Windows Media Player, but increased support over time has transformed this simple, intuitive music app into software well worth considering. It supports downloads on up to four devices and can sync music between Windows, iOS, Android, and Xbox, delivering music pretty much wherever you want it.

If you keep most of your music in OneDrive or on your Windows computer and don’t do too much except playit, then Groove Music is worth trying out.

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The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (7)

VLC is well-known as a universal video player that can handle your video content no matter where you get it from. The free player has compatibility with several different types of audio files, including FLAC, ALAC, WMA, and all common formats, plus a number of uncommon ones, which makes it a convenient option to play your saved music.

While VLC can handle anything, it isn’t typically there to automatically organize and display your audio files. VLC is definitely a great option for those who already have a well-curated music library and just need a dependable player to handle it. In many cases, people already have VLC downloaded and can start using it for music.


The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (8)

Spotify is ideal for those who have abandoned the physical music library but are looking for a curating music library featuring shuffling playlists that make for a high-quality, radio-like experience. If you’re willing to play around with it, Spotify’s algorithm will create your ultimate playlists based on exactly what you like. Spotify users will receive several personalized playlists, and best of all, they are updated on a weekly basis.

If you opt to upgrade to Spotify Premium, you’ll be able to kiss those annoying ads goodbye. With the upgraded service users also have the option to download tracks and listen to them on the go, using Spotify Premium’s offline library feature. This works wonders for laptops and situations when internet access isn’t available. Spotify is compatible with both Mac computers and Windows PCs along with Android phones, iPhones, and tablets from both operating systems.

With Spotify’s unmatched music library, this service is a fantastic option for fans of any genre. If you’re someone with a massive music collection or just don’t like to stream your music, Spotify and other music players have you covered. You can check our guide to the best portable MP3 players for some additional mobile music options.

The Best Free Music Players for Windows PCs | Digital Trends (9)

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Which is the best offline music player for PC? ›

Download Offline Music Player - Best Software & Apps
  • VLC media player. 4.1. Free. A hassle-free, easy to use, and free media player. ...
  • iTunes. 3.8. Free. ...
  • Spotify Music. Free. Listen to millions of songs for free. ...
  • Winamp. 4.1. Free. ...
  • Google Play Music. 4.3. Free. ...
  • AIMP. 4.3. Free. ...
  • JetAudio. 4.2. Free. ...
  • SPlayer. 4.2. Free.

Does Windows 10 have a music player? ›

Windows Media Player is included with Windows 10 desktop.

Which music player can play all formats? ›

VLC for Android is a full audio player with support for a ton of video and audio file types, including MKV, MP4, FLAC, and OGG.

What is the most popular platform to listen to music? ›

Globally, Spotify is the most popular streaming platform, followed closely by the likes of Apple Music and Amazon Music. However, if we only take the US into consideration, then Apple Music comes out on top with over 49.5 million subscribers as of 2021. It is followed closely by Spotify, with 47.7 million subscribers.

Which platform is best for listening to music? ›

When it comes to choosing a service, it's a close race between Spotify Premium and Apple Music, but Spotify still wins as the best music streaming service overall. This is thanks to a fun, easy-to-use interface, an extensive catalog and the best device compatibility.

What is the best free music player for Windows? ›

15 Best Music Player for Windows 10 in 2023 [TOP RANKINGS]
  • Comparison Table of Some Audio Player for Windows.
  • #1) MusicBee.
  • #2) Media Monkey.
  • #3) Foobar2000.
  • #4) VLC.
  • #5) AIMP.
  • #6) Dopamine.
  • #7) Windows Media Player.
Jan 11, 2023

What is Windows 10 music player called? ›

Microsoft Groove Music is brand new for Windows 10. Add your MP3s to OneDrive and you can use the Groove Music app to play your songs on other devices, too—PCs, Windows Phone, and Xbox—for free.

How do I get free music on Windows? ›

The Best Free Music Production Software for Beginners
  1. GarageBand. The GarageBand Guide. ...
  2. DarkWave Studio. As far as music-making apps for Windows go, DarkWave Studio is a popular alternative to the mainstay industry offerings. ...
  3. Audacity. ...
  4. LMMS. ...
  5. Waveform. ...
  6. Cakewalk by BandLab.
Jul 20, 2022

What music service has free offline listening? ›

Top 14 Free Offline Music Apps Works Without WiFi (2022): The Ultimate Guide!
  • Spotify. Spotify is a podcast and free music app. ...
  • SoundCloud. ...
  • Google Play Music. ...
  • Amazon Music Unlimited. ...
  • Gaana. ...
  • Apple Music. ...
  • Jio Saavn. ...
  • Musify.
Jan 27, 2022

What free app lets you listen to music offline? ›

Audiomack is the GLOBAL streaming music app that lets you download and offline the hottest albums, songs, mixtapes and playlists. Discover buzzing new songs by browsing our trending page and get the latest music updates by following your favorite artists.

What music program is free? ›

List of the best free music production software
  • GarageBand. OS: macOS. ...
  • Qtractor. OS: Linux. ...
  • LMMS. OS: Windows, macOS, Linux. ...
  • Audacity. OS: Windows, macOS, Linux. ...
  • Ardour. OS: macOS. ...
  • DarkWave Studio. OS: Windows. ...
  • Hydrogen. OS: Windows, macOS, Linux. ...
  • SoundBridge. OS: Windows, macOS.
Mar 22, 2022

What music app works without service? ›

Spotify is the bigwig among the music streaming apps and it's good to know that it lets users take their music offline. Spotify lets you add up to 3,333 songs to your offline list on three different devices.

Which music app allows free download? ›

Spotify gives you access to a world of free music, curated playlists, artists, and podcasts you love. Discover podcasts, new music, top songs or listen to your favorite artists and albums.

Is MP3 better than Spotify? ›

Popular streaming websites like Spotify and Pandora typically use a bitrate of 160 kbps, which is less than that of MP3s. If you spring for Spotify Premium, you'll still only have access to 320 kbps tracks, which is equivalent to MP3s. Tidal is one of the only streaming websites that streams in CD quality.


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