Use the UPGRADE CATALOG command to upgrade a recovery catalog schema from an older version to the version required by the RMAN client.


RMAN must be connected to the recovery catalog database, which must be open, as the owner of the recovery catalog. You cannot use the UPGRADE CATALOG command while connected to a virtual private catalog (see CREATE CATALOG command). Only the base catalog can be upgraded.

The recovery catalog must not already be at a version greater than needed by the RMAN executable; otherwise, RMAN issues an error. RMAN displays all error messages generated during the upgrade in the message log.

The Oracle Database 10gR1 version of the recovery catalog schema requires the CREATE TYPE privilege. If you created the recovery catalog owner in a release before 10gR1, and if you granted the RECOVERY_CATALOG_OWNER role to this user when the role did not include the CREATE TYPE privilege, then you must grant CREATE TYPE to this user explicitly before performing the upgrade.

If you are upgrading a recovery catalog to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) or higher, then you must run the dbmsrmansys.sql script that manages recovery catalog privileges. Additionally, if virtual private catalogs are used, then you must run the dbmsrmanvpc.sql script that upgrades virtual private catalogs. Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (, the recovery catalog database must use Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

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Usage Notes

RMAN prompts you to enter the UPGRADE CATALOG command two consecutive times to confirm the upgrade. To bypass the additional confirmation step, enter the UPGRADE CATALOG command with the NOPROMPT option while running it the first time.

RMAN permits the command to be run if the recovery catalog is already current so that the packages can be re-created if necessary.

If an upgrade to a base recovery catalog requires changes to an existing virtual private catalog, then RMAN makes these changes automatically the next time RMAN connects to that virtual private catalog.

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The UPGRADE CATALOG command does not run scripts to perform an upgrade. Instead, RMAN sends various SQL DDL statements to the recovery catalog to update the recovery catalog schema with new tables, views, columns, and so on.



Description of the illustration upgradecatalog.eps

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Bypasses the confirmation step while upgrading the catalog.
Bypasses the confirmation step while upgrading the specified tablespace.


Example 3-83 Upgrading a Recovery Catalog

This example connects RMAN to recovery catalog database catdb and then upgrades it to a more current version:

RMAN> CONNECT CATALOG rco@catdbrecovery catalog database Password: passwordconnected to recovery catalog database PL/SQL package RCO.DBMS_RCVCAT version in RCVCAT database is too oldRMAN> UPGRADE CATALOG;recovery catalog owner is RCO enter UPGRADE CATALOG command again to confirm catalog upgrade RMAN> UPGRADE CATALOG;recovery catalog upgraded to version package upgraded to version package upgraded to version
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