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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. � Beta Lambda Chapter Retreat � Moody Manor, Houston, TX � August 03, 2013 Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths � � OBJECTIVE: To gain a better understanding of the dynamics of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. by answering the questions of who? , what? , when? , how? and why? To increase the chapter bond and to promote sisterly love by eliminating the current issues To focus on the principles of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood while planning for the new Sorority year

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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated Beta Lambda Chapter Retreat Agenda NATIONAL SONG NATIONAL PRAYER August 03, 2013 5: 00 PM – 9: 00 PM WHO WAS GOING STEADY? Reflecting on our beautiful founders. The Love Story told by IGB Mary B. Wright WHO’S THAT LADY? A closer look at International Grand Basileus, Mary Breaux Wright WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? The accomplishments of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority from 1920 to Present WHAT ‘S MY ROLE? Your role and responsibility in the chapter, the advisors and advisory board roles WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? Discussion on how to improve on relationships and communication WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU? Sisterly Love Exercise/Game and Reciting the OATH HOW CAN WE MAKE A GREATER IMPACT IN OUR COMMUNITY? ZHOPE Discussion and Ideas HOW DO WE KEEP IT FINER AND PERSERVE OUR ZETA IMAGE? What not to wear, persevering your Zeta Image HOW CAN WE MAINTAIN SCHOLORSHIP? Tips on planning and Class etiquette HOW CAN WE AFFORD ALL THAT? Tips on creating a budget; Zeta events to consider for budgeting Design Challenge WHY WE CAN’T USE THE ZETA SHIELD ON THAT FLYER? Unified Visual Identity & Graphics Standards WHY DO WE NEED TO PLAN? Calendar Planning, Budget and Fundraising, MIP Timeline News and Updates My Challenges for the Beta Lambda Chapter NATIONAL CLOSING PRAYER

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OUR FIVE PEARLS Arizona Cleaver (Stemons), Pearl A. Neal, Myrtle Tyler (Faithful), Viola Tyler (Goings), Fannie Pettie (Watts)

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WHO WAS GOING STEADY? The Five Founders and chartered members (called our "Five Pearls") of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. are: � Arizona Cleaver (Stemons) � Pearl A. Neal � Myrtle Tyler (Faithful) � Viola Tyler (Goings) � Fannie Pettie (Watts) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was organized at Howard University on January 16, 1920 as the result of encouragement given to the Five Founders by Charles Taylor and Langston Taylor, members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. These Sigma brothers felt the campus would benefit by the development of such an organization as sisters to the fraternity. Thus, Zetas and Sigmas became the first official Greek-letter sister and brother organizations. The Five Founders chose not to embrace the tenets of established sororities and chartered Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to encourage the highest standards of scholarship through scientific, literary, cultural and educational programs; promote service projects on college campuses and in the community; foster sisterhood; and exemplify the ideal of Finer Womanhood. � Our Founders should always be listed and pictured in the above order “THE LOVER’S STROLL “ IGB Mary B. Wright, Phi Beta Sigma Conclave 2013 http: //youtu. be/LGez_Rs 40 v. Q

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WHO’S THAT LADY? v v v Mary Breaux Wright was elected as the 24 th International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in July 2012. Prior to her election, she served as the National First Vice-President, overseeing new members and the new member process. A Diamond Life Member of the Sorority, Wright has served in many national, regional, state and local roles, including National Director of Protocol and National Observances, Southern Regional Director, Chair of the Regional Directors, and Louisiana State Director. Working closely with her mentor, 12 th National President Lullelia W. Harrison, she also served as the primary researcher for Torchbearer of a Legacy: A History Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated 1920 – 1997, the Sorority’s official historical perspective. Wright travels across the globe delivering passionate messages concerning scholarship, service and commitment to one’s community. She is most fond of her trip to Ghana, West Africa where she represented the organization during the dedication of water wells donated by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Mrs. Wright is an active member of Lambda Zeta Chapter in the city of Houston, Texas, where she resides with her husband, Phi Beta Sigma member James Wright. They have one son, Phi Beta Sigma member Dr. Randall Wright, a neurologist who is married to Dr. Crystal Clay, an anesthesiologist. She is a doting grandmother to her two grandsons, five-year-old Andrew John and two-year-old Reid Christopher. Wright is a retired business teacher and a retired development officer. Mary Breaux Wright 24 th International Grand Basileus Roles and Responsibilities v Chief Executive Officer of the organization v Responsible for the overall strategic direction v Ambassador of the Organization officially speaks for Zeta on the national level v Develops and sets program direction administration v Recommends fiscal policy and procedures v Recommends policy to the Board v She has ultimate authority on administrative matters pertaining to the sorority

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WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? DECADES OF LEADERSHIP FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY “The evolution of the structure, function, process and accomplishments of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority” 1920 – 1930 v Founded January 16, 1920, by five dynamic women on the campus of Howard University v Identified Founders as “Five Pearls”, Arizona Cleaver (Stemons), Pearl Anna Neal, Viola Tyler (Goings), Myrtle Tyler (Faithful), and Fannie Pettie (Watts) v Choose the name for the organization at the first meeting v Established founding principles of scholarship, sisterly love, and service v Established Scholarship as the first criterion for membership v Adopted official logo, with the shield shape and design of their Sigma brothers’ logo v Elected first Basileus at the national level, Arizona Cleaver (Stemons) v Held first annual meeting of Zeta Phi Beta jointly with Phi Beta Sigma Conclave, December 1920 v Adopted the term boule for Zeta’s annual gathering at first joint meeting v Elected officers of Zeta Phi Beta in Washington, DC, December; served through the end of the conclave the following year v Established the first five undergraduate chapters during Arizona Cleaver Stemsons’ tenure v Chartered Alpha Chapter, Howard University, Washington D. C. ; first undergraduate chapter v Incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia v Added the title of “Grand” to the title of Basileus v Chartered first graduate chapter; Alpha Zeta Chapter, Baltimore, MD v Published sorority’s first publication - The X-Ray; now entitled, The Archon v Introduced Finer Womanhood Week v Established the first undergraduate chapter south of the Mason-Dixon line chartered, Wiley College v Inducted first honorary member into Beta Zeta Chapter (now only national body inducts honorary members) v Created national board of officers v Formed the Southern Region v Authored words to national hymn

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WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN cont. ? 1930 – 1940 v. Restructured the administrative responsibility of Grand Basileus v. Added four Regional Directors to assume the responsibility of establishing new chapters within their regions v. Established three additional regions and boundaries of the first four redrawn v. Identified the Western Region; became the Pacific Region Incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non - profit, charitable organization v. Published the Chapter Chatters and pictorial Blue Book v. Created the Board of Trustees to oversee the property of the sorority v. Expanded the internal structure of sorority to include the office of deputy director v. Appointed Deputy Directors to coordinate sorority business on state level to assist the Regional Director v. Changed Deputy Director to Associate Director; now called State Director v. Bequeathed to the sorority, by Violette Anderson, Birch Haven property in Idlewild, Michigan v. Moved national headquarters to Washington, D. C. v. Established the Eastern Region v. Divided the sorority geographically by regions; supervised by Regional Directors v. Began naming national honorary members v. Promoted first National Service program v. Chartered the first chapter in the Midwestern Region after seven years v. Established the Southeastern Region when Zeta was restructured. v. Developed La Cheerios; a forerunner of Zeta Amicae

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WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN cont. ? 1940 – 1950 v Established a national executive office, Houston, TX becoming the first Greek-letter organization v Became the first sorority to establish a chapter on the African continent v Hired the first paid Executive Secretary v Created life memberships v Designated part of chapter tax for projects and scholarship funds v Formed strong Zeta chapters (enough young blacks on predominantly white college campuses), resulting in a cessation of undergraduate city chapters v Changed constitution to provide associate memberships v Rezoned regions for expansion v Experienced a period of most growth up to this point v Established the Atlantic and Great Lakes Regions v Established the South Central Region based on restructuring v Introduced workshop sessions at regional and national conferences v Formalized national scholarship grants through the Office of Education Services under the Office of Second Anti-Basileus v Adopted the Amicae Auxiliary into the national structure 1950 – 1960 v Formalized the Archon v Revised the sorority handbook v Adopted official sorority song

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WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN cont. ? 1960 – 1970 v Opened National Headquarters v Proclaimed monthly themes and slogans v Recognized as more than a social Greek-letter organization v Emphasized undergraduate councils, leadership development, education and scholarships among collegiate 1970 – 1980 v Initiated workshops for anti-basilei of local chapters v Initiated tradition of Finer Womanhood month v Established the national Stork’s Nest programs v Refurbished Birch Haven v Initiated workshops near the national headquarters for basilei of collegiate and graduate chapters v Established the National Education Foundation v Adopted present slogan (A Community-Conscious, Action-Oriented Organization) v Incorporated National Education Foundation v Established Stork’s Nest Programs in Africa v Expanded to St. Croix v Hosted first regional conference in Africa v Refurbished National Headquarters v Published first Archonette handbook v Developed a Pledge’s Bill of Rights v Hosted first national undergraduate retreat v Formulated the first non-hazing policy in Greekdom

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WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN cont. ? 1980 – 1990 v Chartered chapters in Alaska and Germany v Introduced golden life membership v Gained 501(c)3 status for the Human Services Foundation (later Stork’s Nest Charity Fund) v Installed computers at headquarters v Established the Zeta Leadership Training Academy v Adopted the “dove” as the national symbol in 1990 v Received first federal grant v Placed operational funds in an interest-bearing account 1990 – 2000 v Hired the first Deputy Executive Director v Adopted Pearlettes and Zeta Male Network as constitutional affiliates v Established Zeta Legacy Clubs v Chartered chapter in Seoul, Korea v Established process for payment of dues and other fees by credit cards v Established Standard Operating Procedures for National Office v Revised Handbooks v Awarded non-governmental organization status by the United Nations v Reactivated chapters in US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska, Korea, and Germany v Implemented the Membership Intake Process

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WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN cont. ? 2000 – 2012 v Established the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) Program v Established Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People Excel v Established million dollar endowment v Conducted first congressional institute v Renovated National Headquarters v Revised handbooks v Placed national history book on CD v Developed a national website v Adopted the Dove Program v Established platinum and diamond levels of giving for Life Members v Established sapphire level of giving for non-life members v Installed new phone system at National Headquarters 2012 – Present v Instituted Tele-town Hall meetings v Continued and expanded the ZOL Program v Revamped the Membership Intake Process (MIP) v Re-opened Life Memberships v Established programmatic thrust on Elder Care and Adopt-a-School

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WHAT’S MY ROLE? Basileus (President) Preside at all meeting Prepare agenda for meeting Appoint committee chairs and members Oversee all activities of the chapter Send a list of new officers and committees to advisor Check with committee chairpersons to make sure they are familiar with their responsibilities Represent the chapter at events Signs and approves necessary documents Must be MIP certified 1 st Anti-Basileus (Membership Chair) Assist the Basileus with her duties Assume the duties of the Basileus when she is absent or unable to carry out her duties Responsible for membership Finalize list of potential members Must be MIP certified 2 nd Anti-Basileus (Community Service Chair) Community service chair Organize at least one physically active service project a month Inform the chapter members a month in advance of the upcoming community service Tamias (Treasurer) Keep all financial records Take responsibility for preparation of chapter budget for the semester Issue notices of dues and fees Submit financial forms to national and regional office Prepare and distribute financial report at each chapter meeting Collect all monies Grammateus (Secretary) Recording secretary shall keep minutes of chapter meetings, both regular and called Send out notices of call meetings Keep complete, accurate records of all meetings Distribute to the membership, minutes of the meeting Disseminate all chapter correspondence

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WHAT’S MY ROLE Cont. ? UNDERGRADUTE ADVISOR’S DUTIES v v v v v Attend all regularly scheduled undergraduate chapter meeting. The schedule of meetings will be agreed upon by the undergraduate chapter members and the graduate advisor. The graduate advisor has the authority to call a special meeting of the undergraduate chapter, if there is just cause. Ensure that the undergraduate chapter complies with all the rules and regulations of the university/campus Ensure that the undergraduate chapter follows all the rules and regulations of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Examine and sign all forms (when necessary) before they are submitted to the university/campus Examine and sign all forms before they are submitted to the national, regional, and state levels of our organization Supervise the Membership Intake Process Supervise and train the undergraduate chapter in areas of chapter management, protocol, and financial management Present a written or oral report to the graduate chapter regarding the undergraduate chapter at the regular graduate chapter meetings Present a written or oral report to the undergraduate chapter regarding graduate chapter activities at the regular undergraduate chapter meetings v v v Supervise election of new undergraduate chapter officer Serve as a liaison between the graduate and undergraduate chapters; encourage the interaction between the chapters Report any MIP violation to the graduate chapter Basileus Participate in the investigation of an allegation brought to the state organization, if asked to do so. Remain active in the undergraduate chapter’s sponsoring graduate chapter during her tenure as undergraduate advisor Be present at all undergraduate chapter activities and programs. If the soror is unable to attend, she should be represented by a member of the sponsoring graduate chapter’s advisory committee or a designated sponsoring graduate chapter member. Do not take over the undergraduate chapter or impose your views on the chapter Meet with university/campus officials: attend meeting called by university/campus officials Continually encourage undergraduate members to focus on their education and sorority training Always remember that she is not a member of the undergraduate chapter Give advice and direction on setting chapter dues, MIP fees, etc.

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WHAT’S MY ROLE Cont. ? Undergraduate Advisory Committee: This committee will serve to 1) expose the undergraduates to more graduate sorors, 2) groom other sorors for the positions of Undergraduate Advisor, and 3) ensure sorors are adhering to the organization’s policies and procedures through a check and balances process. The committee will need to make sure that the qualifications, duties and responsibilities sections are clearly defined. Campus Advisors The campus advisor is a campus/university liaison to the undergraduate chapter. The roles and responsibilities of the campus advisor are determined by the policies and procedures of the campus/university. The campus advisor may not be a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. . This individual is not to serve as the official representative of the sponsoring graduate chapter. This individual does have the authority to advise an undergraduate chapter on any policies and procedures of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Beginning 2013 -2014 Sorority Year: It is Mandatory that all Undergraduate Advisors be Trained and Certified. Certifications will be done at Regional Conferences and Undergraduate Retreats. All certifications will be entered into the National Database.

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WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? Sisterhood and Sisterly Love United in a common bond (Zeta) for a common purpose (Our Principles) Sisters respect each other’s individuality; we value each other’s opinions; we operate in the best interest of the chapter and the sisterhood Sisterly love shall prevail at all times We should endeavor to help our sisters whenever we can, especially during difficult times ( “Lean on the Shield”) Building relationships and trust among sorors takes time Conflicts Among Sisters Conflict is a natural part of any organization or business It’s OK to agree to disagree ~ don’t be disagreeable Aim to preserve the working relationship Attempt to speak directly with the soror with whom you have the conflict in Sisterly Love Disagreements should NOT affect the business of our sisterhood Humble yourself to accept sisterly correction Learn to communicate effectively Do not use profanity towards your Soror “You cannot exist as one once you join a sorority” “It’s not about you, It’s about Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. “ WE ARE ONE ZETA

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WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU? How do we get back to happier times? If any one of us should die tomorrow, what is the one thing you will miss about your Sisters On a sheet of paper write something describing all the things you would miss about each one of your Sisters. http: //youtu. be/Hry 4 TTkqpq. E SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS

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THE OATH "I hereby pledge myself to be loyal to every rule and regulation of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. I will conduct myself at all times in such a manner as will not bring reproach upon my sisters. Should I be guilty of wrong doing, I willingly accept any corrections given me by my sisters. I will strive at all times to exhibit my highest ideals of culture, to put forth zeal for those things which stand for righteousness, and hold within my heart a love which will unite us as one. God grant that I may ever have that spirit of democracy for all fellow-men and keep this oath before me daily. " The Oath you took didn’t make you a Zeta, it made you a member. How you live that oath is what makes you a Zeta! IGB Mary B. Wright ZOL 2013

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HOW CAN WE MAKE A GREATER IMPACT IN OUR COMMUNITY? “All is Conquered by Labor” q Service to others is Zeta Phi Beta’s PRIORITY q Z-HOPE is our National programmatic thrust q Seize opportunities to partner with other organizations on campus and the Graduate Chapter q Consider participating in annual Sorority Events and major programs – Founder’s Day (Jan), Go Red for Women, American Heart Association (Feb), Race Against Violence (March), March for Babies (April) Older Americans Month (May), World Elderly Abuse Month (June), Back to School Drives (Aug), Susan G. Koman, Breast Cancer (Oct), Prematurity Awareness Month (Nov), Christmas Giving (Dec) q Conduct service projects that enable you to personally interact with people q Use social media to reach a broader audience q Promote through electronic boards and campus calendars

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HOW DO WE KEEP IT FINER AND PERSERVE OUR ZETA IMAGE? � � � � You are ALWAYS wearing your letters Your actions (positive or negative) will ALWAYS be associated with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority The image people have of Zeta will be represented in how YOU carry yourself on campus and in the community Members are expected to dress in a way that will reflect positively on our organization Image should be polished and refined, especially when wearing paraphernalia Only wear your Zeta gear when you look your best! Never wear your letters into a bar or while drinking alcohol or smoking Never take photos wearing your letters and drinking Do not wear our letters on your rear end Refrain from using curse words or inflammatory remarks with your letters on For casual attire, you should wear khaki-style pants or casual trousers. Shorts should not be worn. A Polo-style shirt or high quality shirt without words, pictures or an unacceptable logo should be worn. Zeta t-shirts and reasonable length shorts should only be worn in very informal settings like picnics Always wear your ZPB lettered pins at the apex of your heart

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HOW DO WE KEEP IT FINER AND PERSERVE OUR ZETA IMAGE Cont. ? � � � Social Media Be careful how you use social media Know that your comments and images are not just seen by your friends The public is always watching us to scrutinize our behavior. Remember you have taken an oath to act as a Finer Woman at all times! Be aware of photos of you posted on social media Always keep Zeta business private! Steps to help you clean up your online profile Keep a clean account free of inappropriate postings and pictures from the minute you set up your account. Know what your friends are posting, as well, and make sure they aren't posting inappropriate pictures or videos of you. Tighten privacy settings so that only your friends can see posts. Google yourself so you know what is out there. Even though you set your privacy settings on social media, search engines can work around those filters. Remember to go through old postings, too. Employers, College admissions and Organizations often look all the way back to when you first joined social media. Rule of thumb: If you don't want your parents or your boss to see it, take it off.

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HOW DO WE MAINTAIN SCHOLORSHIP? “Education is the Cornerstone of Zeta Phi Beta” It is impressive to the public when Zetas uphold the principle of scholarship after they have become full members. • Academics / Scholarship is essential to your success • Zeta activities should never jeopardize your academic performance • Find balance between academics, extracurricular, and Zeta programs • Plan and prioritize • Do Not Procrastinate • Attend your classes and improve your grades. • Be on your best behavior in class because people are watching you. • Do not be late for class • Do not sleep in class • Be prepared for class and complete all assignment on time. • Aim to be recognized as the BEST among Greek organizations for scholarship • Apply for state, regional, and national scholarship opportunities!! Transcripts and class schedules must be given to the Graduate Advisor at the beginning of the semester and upon request of the Advisor

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HOW CAN WE AFFORD ALL THAT? Determine Your Income: You need to know how much money you will have each month to meet your expenses. Determine Your Fixed Expenses: Your fixed expenses are items that will not change from month to month. These items can include rent, a car payment, car insurance, your electric bill and your student loan. Make sure you include savings in this category. If you are a tither, then pay God first and then pay yourself. Also include an item for Misc. or Emergencies Determine Your Flexible Expenses: These items may include your groceries, eating out, clothing and entertainment. You can cut back on how much you spend on these categories if you need to. Compare Your Expenses to Your Income: Your budget should be created to where your outgoing expenses match your income. You should assign every dollar to a specific place to end up with a zero-dollar budget. If your amounts do not match you will need to adjust accordingly. If you have extra money at the end of the month, reward yourself by putting that money directly into savings. Track Every Penny that you spend: You can do this with free budgeting software or Apps. This will help to prevent from overspending. Adjust as Needed: You can make adjustments throughout the month. You may have to adjust for emergencies situations. As you move money around make sure that you do so in your budget. Review Your Budget: After you have followed your budget for a month and have TRACKED EVERY PENNY, you may find that you can cut back in a few areas, and you need more money in other areas. Make sure you keep tweaking your budget until it works for you. TIPS: Always adjust your flexible expenses before dipping into your savings. Consider creating a Zeta Budget to determine how much you can spend on Zeta functions; include the Zeta amount in your fixed expenses under a separate Savings Account Check out Capital. One 360. com. It is a great savings account that draws a little interest. You will be able to set up a Goal for your savings plan and it will track your savings for you. No need to set up a new account because it links to your existing checking account. Consider using the automatic transfer feature Zeta Budget “Things to Consider” Zeta Dues (National, Regional and Local (September) Beta Lambda’s Fundraisers and Events (per Semester) Founder’s Day Events (January) Undergraduate Retreat (Transportation, Hotel, Food, Spending ) (February) Finer Womanhood Service Lunch (March) Graduations (May) Regional Conferences (June) Support of Graduate and other Local Chapters Events Boule’ (Registration, Transportation, Hotel, Food, Spending) Estimates for Boule’ (July 2014) Registration $500. 00 - $600. 00 Flight $350. 00 – 400. 00 Hotel $150. 00 - $180. 00 a night Consider writing yourself IOU’s until you are able to save

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Design Challenge Design your ZKitty Bank to Save Your Zeta Coins This must be done before the end of the Retreat � � � The zkitty bank is just a concept to inspire you to save for your Zeta Events and Functions Place your Kitty Bank in a spot so you can see it often and be reminded to save The best ZKitty Bank Design will win $20. 00 to start your Zeta Fund Good Luck and May the Best Design Win!!!!

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WHY WE CANT USE THE ZETA SHIELD ON THAT FLYER? Unified Visual Identity & Graphics Standards In order to drive clear, consistent and positive messages and images, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated must convey one vision, one voice, and one standard. Only use the official sorority shield for the sorority’s most formal applications. Refrain from use on flyers for parties, food-related events, and certain fundraisers. Reserve the shield for membership matters, official administrative messaging and other formal documentation. Co-branding with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (the Fraternity) must be done appropriately. Please refrain from utilizing “Zeta Phi Beta Sigma”. When co- branding, please use the Fraternity’s and the Sorority’s full names and individual approved logos. THE SHIELD IS TRADEMARKED “ THE SHIELD STANDS ALONE” Do not alter or attempt to recreate in anyway. Do not place graphics on top of it or attach additional graphics to it. Always use approved artwork only. Do not reproduce smaller than ½ inch (. 25). Do not place any other elements closer than 3/16 inch (. 0875) of the shield. Royal Blue and White not Royal Blue and Pure White SISTERHOOD not SISTERLY LOVE

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Unified Visual Identity & Graphics Standards Unacceptable Images for Flyers etc.

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WHY DO WE NEED TO PLAN? Planning is one of the most important project management and time management techniques. A plan is like a map. When following a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your goal and how far you are from your destination. Planning is also crucial for meeting your needs during each step with your time and money. With careful planning you often can see if at some point you are likely to face a problem. It is much easier to adjust your plan to avoid a crisis, rather than to deal with the crisis when it comes unexpected. Things to Consider when Planning � � � � � You will need two separate calendars; one for general chapter events and one of Membership Intake Process Fundraiser are also planned in advance and place on the calendar ZHOPE events also need to be planned and calendared Include all UHD activities and events to avoid conflict Note Midterm and Final Weeks Chapter Meetings will be on 3 rd Sunday unless noted Gamma Omega Zeta chapter meeting will be 2 nd Saturday unless noted Make sure you are consider all holidays when planning Please take a look at your personal calendars also Items to include in the Budget � � � You will need two separate budgets; one for general chapter events and one for Membership Intake Process Start the Budget with anticipated income(dues, fundraisers) The Budget should include all monies the chapter intend to spend for the Sorority Year Include community service projects All donations the chapter will give All protocol gifts All chapter supplies including scrapbook items, display board, certificates and miscellaneous items. All UHD events where monies are needed All programs/event supplies(tablecloths & decorations etc. ) Refreshments needed for Programs/Events All Graduation and other gifts the chapter plan on giving Gifts for Guest Speakers Once Budget has been completed and vote on, the chapter will adhere to the budget amount. The amount on the budget will not have to be voted on again. Any amount over the budget will have to be voted on by the chapter. Any Soror going over the budget amount will have to be reimburse for additional expenses and submit the proper forms. We will not vote on anything via email

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The information you are about to receive about the New Membership Intake Process is for information purposes ONLY. This does not, BY NO MEANS, constitute training or certification for the New Membership Intake Process ONLY the current National First Anti-Basileus, Regional Directors or State Directors may conduct MIP certification training.

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MEMBERSHIP INTAKE PROCESS OVERVIEW The New Membership Intake Process was Adopted 01/05/2013 The New Revised MIP Certification Training is required! Only those who have been MIP certified can conduct and participate in the new revised MIP. The chapter Basileus must be MIP Certified before Intake. Only members from the Sponsoring Graduate Chapter who are MIP Certified can assist the Undergraduate chapter with MIP. Only the current National First Anti-Basileus, Regional Directors or State Directors may conduct MIP certification training. Your name, date, etc. of MIP certification training will be filed on the National Registry at National Headquarters and in the Office of National First Anti-Basileus, Regional & State Directors. Please note that MIP Certification Training is a minimum of two-hours and will also address the Sorority's policies on Anti-Hazing. NO MEMBERSHIP INTAKE INDUCTION CEREMONY IS TO BE CONDUCTED UNTIL THE NATIONAL FIRST ANTI-BASILEUS GIVES APPROVAL. NO EXCEPTIONS! The chapter must be financial on all three levels within the sorority (national, regional and state) for 2013 - 2014 before the National First Anti-Basileus approves any new member applications/packets for the chapter. Please note that the fees for membership intake into Zeta Phi Beta should be quoted and published as stated on the fees chart located in the chapter's MIP Packet (Kit). Fees outside of Zeta Phi Beta's official fees must be fully disclosed to the Aspirant and notified of what the fees encompass. During new member presentation, current members of Zeta Phi Beta and Phi Beta Sigma should be referred to as respectively “Soror” and “Frat or “Brother. The use of adjectives such as “Big Sister/Big Brother”, DP, “ADP, “Dean of Pledgees” and any other titles used in an illegal pledge process are expressly prohibited ***** MIP will be opened September 4, 2013—May 15, 2014**** Dates Closed: Thanksgiving Holiday (November 27 -29), Christmas Holiday (December 24 — 27), & Easter (April 17 -20) “Please, DO NOT VIOLATE THE MEMBERSHIP INTAKE PROCESS"

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WHY DO WE NEED TO PLAN Cont. ? Membership Intake Timeline Step Informational Interest Meeting Formal Observation Interview Invitation for Membership Intake Introduction Meeting Course of Study · · · Required Timeframe Dates Meeting should last no more than 90 minutes. Recommended minimum of 90 days (a time period shorter than 90 days for undergraduate chapters may be necessary). Start: End: Invitations (and Undergraduate Legacy Application Form, if applicable) must be received by the Interviewee at least seven (7) days prior to the Interview. Ideally all Interviews should take place on the same day. Each Interview should last no more than 20 minutes. Interview confirmation sent: Interview Chapter meets to discuss Prospective Members and vote on Aspirants within seven (7) days of Interview. Chapter notifies Aspirants of membership invitation immediately with written invitation/ instructions to follow. MIP Committee sets date, time, and place for the Prospective Members who have been issued an invitation for membership to receive their New Member Packets ("Kit). Aspirants have at least 24 -48 hours for return of completed New Member Packet to the MIP Coordinator. National First Anti-Basileus typically responds to applications within 4872 hours. Within five (5) consecutive days of receiving approval from National First Anti-Basileus. Must be complete within three (3) consecutive weeks of the Introduction Meeting (15 days) Date: Chapter vote: Invitation sent: Chapter gives Kit: Aspirants Return Kit: National First Anti- response: See Course of Study Planning Template page to set times and dates. Week One Week Two Week Three The Induction Ceremony No more than five (5) days in first week. No more than five (5) days in second week. No more than five (5) days in third week. Must take place as soon possible after add no more than five (5) consecutive days after the completion of Week 3 of the Course of Study. Presentation to the Community If New Member Presentation to take place, it must be presented no later than five (5) consecutive days after the Induction Ceremony or at the time required by college/university. Evaluation Within seven (7) days of completing MIP

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GREAT NEWS !!!!! � � � � National Headquarters Update: Beginning with Fiscal Year 2013/2014 – Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. will be migrating to this new system based on the completion of Financial Form B. By the end of the 2013/14 Fiscal Year chapters submitting an electronic copy of Financial Form B will be able to manage and update their chapter member records via the web. Beginning September 2013 Beta Lambda Updates: In order to have a cohesive chapter, standards and rules must be put into place and adhered to. Communication: Yahoo Groups, Text Messages, Email and phone calls will be the chapter’s major forms of communication to update members on changes to events and other pressing chapter items. A prompt response is required. It is preferred that you respond within 24 hours. Please provide only One email address to the chapter and please check that email often for chapter updates. Consider applying an alert to inform you when there is a new message. Make sure you cc your graduate advisor on all correspondences concerning chapter matters. Try to finalize items at chapter meeting to avoid multiple emails. Please provide your chapter Basileus with advance notice (phone call), at least, 24 hour notice when you cannot attend an event. Beta Lambda will go Paperless: Drop Box will be used to maintain our chapter reports. You can access your files from your computers, phones, or tablets. Share with confidence, everything's automatically private, so you control who sees what. Safe and secure. You can access your favorite files without internet connection. Everyone will have to setup a Dropbox account. www. dropbox. com All Chapter’s Reports including Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports will be place in the Chapter’s Drop box. We will try to avoid emailing the reports to everyone and just share through dropbox. All reports are still due the Friday before the chapter meeting. Everyone should review the minutes and reports and bring any questions or corrections to the meeting. Everyone should also consider bringing an electronic device to view reports as we discuss. If you prefer a printed copy, please provide your own copy for the meeting. We should be able to save a lot of time at meetings if we review the reports and minutes beforehand. We will also use Free Conference Call. com to have meetings on pressing issues that need to be discussed before our next meeting. � Dropbox account for Beta Lambda is uhdzetas [emailprotected] com

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MY CHALLENGES FOR THE BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Question to Ask Yourself Why did you become a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. ? What did you expect to gain by becoming a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. ? How do you plan on improving to be the best member you can be? Words of Encouragement Live the life God has planned for You Maintain your Enthusiasm for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Accept the wisdom of those who have come before you Utilize the talents of your Graduate Sorors Be careful of who you seek Zeta advice from Understand there always rules to follow Remember we are all different and we think differently Realize that everyone has an opinion Know that everyone deserves Respect Don’t Judge Take Care of Each Other Love One Another “Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today. ” Malcolm X You is Kind, You is Beautiful and You is Important!!!! Soror Angela J. Waters Gamma Omega Zeta, 3 Rd Anti Basileus Beta Lambda Chapter, Undergraduate Advisor Southern Region, Undergraduate Advisor of the Year

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(Video) Fall 2018 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated-Beta Lambda Chapter -UHD

REFERENCES Handbook of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. , Eleventh Edition (1997) Zeta Organization Leadership Program Advanced Study Guide (2013) Torchbearers Of A Legacy (The History of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 1920 -1997) 2013 Power Point – Crash Course, Denise Marie Snow 2013 ZOL Power Points and Presentation Undergraduate Advisors Training (Soror, Dr. Denisha L. Hendricks) Structure, Function and Process/Telling the Story (Soror Barbara Moore and Soror Vicki Hammock) Is Image Everything (Soror Dana Syeeda L. Brooks) Unified Visual Identity & Graphics Standards (Soror Stephanie Arnold) Organizational Efficiency (Avectra) Membership Intake Process (National First Anti Basileus Scarlet Black)


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